We are the antithesis of a huge or franchised real estate company.
We are efficient and hands on.
You will never have to go through intermediaries. You will always be able to contact us directly.
We will always know what’s going on with each part of your transaction.

We choose to be small because real estate is a people business.
Our size promotes personal relationships with clients.
Clients deserve personalized attention.

We love what we do.


Beth Newman, Broker/Owner of DREAM SF Real Estate Inc., has been licensed since 1976.
She has worked continuously in the field for the last 37 years as a broker and as a mortgage agent.

In addition to serving her clients, Beth has bought, sold, rented and renovated her own properties.

She has valuable, first hand experience dealing with the San Francisco Rent Board for tenants and with the San Francisco Building Department for remodeling.

She has assisted owners of 2-4 unit buildings by turning their units into condominiums.

Beth specializes in selling San Francisco property because she loves the life of the city and admires its architecture.

Beth is ideally qualified to offer customized, personal service because of her detailed knowledge of both San Francisco and the San Francisco real estate market.



We use cutting edge technology to market your property.
We distribute material on-line and through classified print outlets.
We employ graphic designers, engineers and professional photographers to create our eye catching promotional material.



San Francisco Association of Realtors
California Association of Realtors
National Association of Realtors
San Francisco Apartment Association
California Apartment Association

EPA Lead Renovators Certification





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